Tip Up Garage Doors

Tip up garage doors, also known as single panel garage doors or simply tilt up garage doors is made from one big panel that is pulled up by the handle to open. It swings outward from the bottom of the garage door and halfway up into the garage ceiling area. These garage doors can be manually or automatically operated.

4 Benefits of Tip Up Garage Doors

  1. Tip up garage doors are available in many design styles e.g. horizontally slatted, fitted with small windows, etc…
  2. Tip up garage doors are generally cheaper than roll up or sectional garage doors.
  3. Tip up garage doors are suitable for home owners with longer driveways because when the garage door is opened it protrudes into the driveway. Therefore, a vehicle parked in front of these garage doors should provide ample space between the garage door and the vehicle.
  4. For tip up garage doors to easily be opened and closed manually, it is installed with hinge and tension spring mechanisms on both sides of the tip up garage door.