Automation & Repairs

Garage door automation is the process of turning your manual (hand operated) garage door into a remote controlled (automated) one. Automation can be done on all our garage doors namely, roll up, tip up and sectional garage doors.

2 Benefits of garage door automation

  1. It provides the home owner with the luxury of using a remote control to open and close the garage door from the comfort of your car.
  2. It serves as a safety measure to quickly enter and exit your garage door without intruders gaining access through your garage.

Garage Door Repairs and Services

Just like our homes and cars need to be maintained regularly, the same applies to our garage doors. Call our professional garage door expert to prevent injury to any person(s) if your garage door has any of the following problems below:

5 Signs your garage door needs repairs

  1. The garage door is jammed.
  2. The garage door doesn’t open or close completely.
  3. The garage door reverses before or immediately after touching the floor.
  4. The garage door opens, but the motor unit continues to run.
  5. The garage door won’t open or close with the remote control.

We use the following brands for garage door automation :

  1. ET DC Blue Digital
  2. ET DC Blue Advanced
  3. ET Challenger
  4. ET 500 slide Motor
  5. ET 300 Umpheta slide motor
  6. Coroma
  7. Digi One
  8. Digi 2 (Old Blue AC motor), etc…