Sectional Garage Doors

A sectional garage door is made up of about 4-8 panels that slide up and close in separate sections close to your garage ceiling. These doors are the most popular by choice because of their look and safety features plus sectional garage doors are made to fit any size of garage. These doors can be operated manually or it can be automated.

5 Benefits of a Sectional Garage Door

  1. A sectional garage door allows you to park closer to the garage door, whereas with a tip up garage door you would need about 1.2 metres of space between the front of the vehicle and the garage door.
  2. Each panel on a sectional garage door is connected separately to the main door track making it more secure than other garage doors.
  3. Sectional garage doors are easier to repair than other garage doors as the repairs are done on each panel instead of on the entire garage door.
  4. A sectional garage door is the best door for safety purposes because the garage door is fitted behind the garage wall opening, leaving no room for intruders to pry through the side of the garage door to gain access to the garage plus it also prevents dust and rain from blowing into the garage.
  5. Sectional garage doors roll up near the ceiling of the garage providing more space for larger vehicles to enter.