Roll Up Garage Doors

Roll up garage doors is a large corrugated sheet that rolls up and around a metal drum at the top of the interior of the garage wall. These garage doors can either be manually rolled up or you can have it automated for your convenience. The basic colours for roll up garage doors are white and brown, other colours needs to be specially ordered and delivery takes about 6 weeks. Roll up openings are :

  • 2.4m wide X 2.1m high
  • 2.4m wide X 2.4m high
  • 2.8m wide X 2.4m high


5 Benefits of Roll up garage doors

  1. The corrugations that a roll up garage door is made from protects the garage door from impacts.
  2. Roll up garage doors has a spring inside the metal drum which makes it easier to open the garage door.
  3. As with a sectional garage door, a roll up garage door also allows you to park your vehicle close to the front of the garage door without damaging your vehicle when the garage door is opened.
  4. These garage doors are very durable, being able to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  5. A roll up garage door is very maintainable, basically only needing to be washed regularly.